Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3 liters, 102 oz

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Ariadne Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an all natural, unheated and unfiltered, 100% pure Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

We hand pick and crush all the olives which originate from our estate in Messolongi, Greece.

The variety of Olives in our estate in Greece are so rare that are called “dopia” which translates to local.

Ariadne Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains no additives, preservatives, or artificial ingredients. Our personal work and care that we put to our estate guarantees that this is 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil without any other varieties of oils added.

Ariadne Extra Virgin Olive Oil is First Cold Press

A combination of both traditional and modern means is used to extract the oil. Once the olives are hand picked and washed, we use traditional milling stones to crush them. Using modern means we make sure that the temperature will never exceed 80F ( 27 C ) Extra Virgin Olive Oil is extracted without the help of water thus maintaining all the nutrients and the full flavor that Extra Virgin Olive Oil has to offer.

No environmental pollution

We make sure that our small unit produces no waste. All the left overs of the olives act either as a natural fertilizer or as a biomass fuel which we use in our own furnace.

Tasting Notes

Fall in love with food all over again. With a maximum acidity of 0.5 % ( depending on the year ), a golden green color and a vivid aroma you will understand the difference before you even have to taste it. Ariadne Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a full body and a buttery intensity. A slight grassy and bitter aftertaste but most of all you can taste the freshness. Our small unit insures that we bring to the customer a fresh batch of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil to you each new harvest.


Once your Extra Virgin Olive Oil is all natural with no additives, rest assured that it is a healthy and natural antioxidant full of polyphenols, and healthy fats. A number of studies have shown that Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of the healthiest and most beneficial foods you should be consuming on a daily basis. Healthy antioxidant, rich taste and maximum flavor. For more information on the benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil click here

In Ariadne Extra Virgin Olive Oil lies the secret of longevity and well being.

100% first cold press Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil.

No additives, preservatives or artificial ingredients ever.

SIZE : 3 liters / 102 oz